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A guide to Hosted Desktop Solutions

Today many organisations look to outsource the desktop element of the IT function to a service provider. There are a multitude of hosted desktop providers offering this service with various levels of hosted desktop solutions to select.

But moving beyond the Hosted Desktop one of the key factors to consider is the integration of applications and the ability to customise your hosted desktopsolution with perhaps custom software or services. One of the key areas to consider when assessing services is the technology stack of the provider and levels of service.

Here are a few points to consider when selecting a provider;

- Does your provider offer a low cost hosted desktop migration?

- Where does your hosted desktop reside in terms of geographical location?

- What levels of system redundancy are built into the solution?

- Are you able to apply security permissions? (i.e. graduated levels of access for your staff to certain documents)

- Does your potential provider offer services such as Blackberry or IPhone integration?


There are many benefits to moving to a hosted desktop solution


The hosted Desktop model provides access to datacentres' with world-class security and redundancy. Many hosted desktop providers offer service level guarantees ensuring your hosted desktop solution stays online.


Moving from a capital expenditure to a operational expenditure allows for the rapid provision of new services. By moving your expenditure to a recurring monthly billing model allowing for predictable cash flow.

Flexible Working:

Today many lean organisations encourage home-based and flexible working arrangements, additionally your organisation may wish to comply with Data protection legislation or just want to allow sales teams and roaming workers to access services easily. Virtual Desktop services allow for flexible any-time-anywhere access to critical services, without the complexity of VPN (Virtual private networks) or security risks associated with home-based IT desktops.

Technical Support Benefits:

By outsourcing your desktop management to a Virtual Hosted Desktop model your organisation will benefit from enhanced technical support and application troubleshooting. Gone are the days where full time IT staff are required to configure every aspect of your desktop environment.

Device Agnostic:

Today there are a plethora of devices able to access hosted desktop environments. Ranging from an Ipad all the way through to legacy desktops and thin client devices. Moving to a hosted desktop model ensures that the majority of IP (internet protocol) devices with access to the internet are able to take advantage of the Hosted Desktop services.

Reduced Financial and Contractual Risk:

The majority of Compare the Clouds' Hosted Desktop providers offer monthly rolling contracts to customers. This allows for bursting of resources when required, an example being testing new software or when you utilise contractors or seasonal work.

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