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Colocation or Datacentre providers offer a number of key advantages to any organisation wishing to deploy hardware in a location of choice.

Today colocation and datacentres have grown to encompass all continents and countries and there are many compelling reasons why companies look to offshore colocation and datacentre services.
Datacentre Colocation
One of the prominent reasons for moving to a offshore host is to create a POP or point of presence in a region or country. An example of this could be a company that serves the Asia Pacific markets and wishes to provide a better user experience or perhaps a gambling website wishing to take advantage of tax breaks.

There are compelling advantages for any organisation that wishes to develop a colocation centre offshore. We have listed out some of these advantages below to help guide your decision.

  • Secure Environment
As standard colocation providers offer 24x7x365 manned security and access controls such as biometric scanners. 
  • Environmental Controls
Servers, Storage area Networks and switching and routing hardware are all prone to failure if not kept within a strict environmental operational environment. Colocation centres offer strict service level agreements in terms of humidity and environmental statistics.
  • Connectivity
Local internet providers offer local reach and collocating in the country of choice will provide choices in terms of speed and functionality.
  • Geographic location
Today many organisations look towards countries such as India, Singapore, Hong Kong, Malaysia, China and the US for outsourcing manufacturing and business process outsourcing. Each of these countries offer great colocation and connectivity features ensuring your local presence will operate as if you was hosting in the UK.

With any technology deployment there are things to keep in mind and consider. We have listed out potential pitfalls to consider when purchasing an offshore presence.

  • Connectivity
Always check the connectivity being offered by performing ping tests and trace-routes from your target locations. Check any fair use agreement as local customs may dictate operational practices which may be tolerable in the UK but not in your offshore centre.
  • Support
Check support agreements take out references and where you can install remote reboot switches and other remote management and monitoring items so that you can perform most support functions in house.
  • Hardware support
In the UK many hardware vendors offer care packs or support agreements to replace faulty hardware in the event of mechanical failure. What is that vendor’s policy in your offshore centre and do they offer the same levels of support? Always speak to the colocation vendor to leverage any local support organisations who may be able to provide service contracts.
  • Project Management
Project management of your installation and preparation is key to a successful roll-out. Where you can create the colocation set-up locally use photographs and labels to show correct placement of hardware (if you’re shipping your hardware) and provide wiring and rack diagrams. Remember to facilitate for power options (DC or AC) and actively seek out non standard items such as non English language versions of software.
  • Contract and Service Level Agreement
Always check the contract and service level-agreement and if you have an English based contract ensure that it cannot be superseded by a local language based agreement. In terms of service level agreements always check support is offered on local holidays and days of operation such as Friday are covered.
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